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What Attitude Are You Wearing Today?

what attitue are you wearing today

Attitude is the most important word; it is what controls how successful we are in life. Bad attitude, bad results; good attitude, good results; great attitude, great results. Attitude is the composite of one’s thoughts, feelings and actions. Our thoughts, feelings and actions are all forms of energy that we express. Infinite universal energy/power flows to and through each of us; we give the energy negative or positive meaning by the thoughts we choose to think in our conscious mind; we cause our thoughts to be negative or positive. The law of polarity dictates that everything has an opposite; everything has good and bad in it. We choose to look at things as good or bad, positive or negative; we can only focus on one at a time. 

Our conscious minds can accept, reject or ignore. We can choose to reject negative information presented to us and focus on the positive results we want in our lives. 

Our subconscious mind can only accept the ideas presented to it as real. Whatever is impressed upon the subconscious mind controls the vibration the body is in. The body is the instrument of the mind. When we accept a negative idea, our body moves into a negative vibration, positive ideas put us into a positive vibration. We can determine the results we are getting in our lives by first looking at our current results, which are due to our thoughts. We can decide if the results are positive or negative and change our results. No one else can cause us to think thoughts we do not want to think. 

The vibration we are in is what attracts to us like energy; when we are in a good vibration and send out good energy, then good energy is what we attract back to us. Whatever energy we send out is the universal energy that returns to us. If we understand the mind we can control the outside world rather than allowing the outside world to control us. We can be successful in life by getting into and staying in a high vibrational energy, attracting the people and circumstances that are in alignment with the good that we want in our lives and by rejecting the negative ideas of the naysayers. We can look for the good in any situation and keep a positive outlook. We can focus on putting our minds in order, believing we can attain what we want and working toward our goals despite current circumstances. Our thoughts, feelings and actions must be in alignment and on the same frequency as the good we desire to attract whatever it is into our lives. We must ask ourselves, ‘What am I thinking, feeling, doing?’ Our attitude dictates what we attract and the results in our lives and how successful we are.

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