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These Are Coming Off!

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Do you feel handcuffed to your desk or your job? What about your relationship? What’s holding you back from creating a life you love? When you feel stuck in a job that you hate because of the pay and benefits or ‘don’t know anything else’ you may start to resent your boss/partner/family or worse, yourself.  When you stay in a bad relationship or have given up on finding the love of your life; when you have given up on a better life or stop working on yourself you start to deteriorate.  We injure ourselves by the negative ideas we hold on to so tightly, sometimes worn like a badge of honour. You may have heard the old saying that resentment is like “taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.” When we hold onto anger, when we feel resentment, when we are fearful, jealous or vengeful we really do only hurt ourselves. “Like attracts like” means we are human magnets for more of the same! 

Negative thoughts, ideas and beliefs lead to feelings of dissatisfaction with our lives. The handcuffs represent a habitual way of thinking thoughts we don’t like. A negative mindset causes worry and doubt which leads to fear and anxiety. We suppress anxiety, which leads to depression and dis-ease that is felt in the body. Negative thoughts and ideas can only lead to negative actions and results. We tell ourselves lies all the time such as “I’m not (pretty, worthy, educated…), I’m too (fat/skinny, short/tall, old/young), I can’t do…, I don’t have…, I’m not good enough. We are all capable of so much more than we tell ourselves. You deserve better. We all want to be more, do more, have more. It takes a different mindset to start to believe that we can have/do/be something better. 

Why do we fear change? We are programmed to look for threats; to look for what’s wrong. We hear all the time that thoughts become things. Do you really understand that what you think about you bring about? Your mind creates your reality. Are you living the life you love or are you stuck? You can’t escape from a prison that you don’t know you’re in. We need to work from the inside out. What’s impressed on the subconscious mind is expressed in physical form. When we improve our minds, we improve our results. When we learn to choose better, to think better thoughts, we manifest better results. You can choose positive thoughts, vitality, love, joy; it starts with knowing that we are responsible for the results we are getting in our life. 

Remove the chains that bind and that hold you back from living a life you were meant to live. Start by thinking into better results. 

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