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How is your self image?

self image

We create our inner self image through our mind; our own deep-seated subconscious beliefs, which create the outer image that we project to others. This was formed genetically and then environmentally. Our outer image reflects the image we hold of ourselves; good or bad, positive or negative. Our results are a reflection of how we see ourselves. We cannot outperform our self image. The way we perceive ourselves internally shows in our outer results; in the way we walk, talk, dress and greet other people. Improving our self-image will create more positive results. Self-Image is the key to our human personality and human behavior. When we change the opinion we have about ourselves we change our habits. When we change our habits we change our actions. When we change our actions we change our results.

Some very intelligent people get poor results in their lives because of their own poor self image. Low self-esteem, low image, poor results. Others with low intelligence may see superior results because they hold a higher self image, better self-esteem and see better results despite their low intellect.

If we don’t like the image we hold we can change it and subsequently our behavior and results will change. This is not easy since the image we hold of ourselves is controlled by an internal ‘psycho cybernetic’ mechanism which automatically brings us back on course; for example, a person who sees him or herself as being fat will gain back any weight that is lost unless they change the image they hold.

The way each person perceives him or her self also has an impact on the team or organization they work for, as the team or organization is a reflection of the collective image.

Perfection lies within each one of us; we simply need to develop a greater awareness. We must stop permitting the outside world control our thoughts; start to think new thoughts about a situation and determine what inspired action steps can be taken to transform the situation and then use this method to create a better image. Act like the person you want to become; as other people notice the difference and comment, feedback is received from others. This gives confirmation of a better image that is presented to the outside world. As we notice our own improved self-image and continue making improvements, we start to better our lives.  Through imagined reality we can create and alter, through study and repetition of positive affirmations/visioneering, practicing and acting and dressing the part of the calm, confident individual that we are deep inside. Create a new reality by choosing positive, empowering thoughts. Be grateful for the small and big blessings in your life. Gratitude leads to happiness. Happiness leads to productivity. Productivity leads to success. Success leads back to gratitude. Take responsibility and believe in yourself.

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