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Quit your job, not your life

quit your job

The job is done, the shackles are off, the golden handcuffs are gone, the gold watch for services rendered is nice, but what are you going to do with all that free time? You can only read so many books, watch so much TV, play Bridge or golf or join in the coffee group for so long.  What would you really love to do if anything was possible? 

Start a new business, invent something, start a new group? Begin again. Get inspired. Believe that you can achieve something new, something great; something no one else ever imagined. Cause something great to happen. Thrive, don’t just survive. Rewire your brain; overwrite the old programming with new code, new thoughts, new ideas. 

Stop saying you can’t. Stop saying you’re too old. Stop complaining. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else. You are unique. You have gifts you aren’t even aware of. Shift your subconscious beliefs to see a new way to live. Quit your job, not your life. Retire from your job, not from your life! Watching life pass by is not for you. Get up; get moving; get energized. Tell your story, write your story, play with animals and children, plant an idea, plant a garden, go for a walk. Stay young at heart. Invest in yourself. Everything is either growing or disintegrating, including you.

What are 10 things you are grateful for? Write a gratitude list every day. Spend time being quiet and ask for guidance from your divine inner self. Send love to those who are bothering you and get on with living a phenomenal life!

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