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Synopsis, What's In It For YOU?


Are you ready to make a transformational change in your life? What area of your life would you like to improve? Health? Happiness? Career? Wealth?

The Gap

The knowing - doing gap. Close the gap between what you know you want to do and doing what you know you need to do to get there.


Change the root cause of the behavior that is holding you back. Are you too busy to take control of what matters to you? Are you working towards a goal or consumed by daily trivia? We are Goal-Seeking organisms.


Get off the hamster wheel and reprogram your outdated thoughts so you can realign your inputs for effective outputs....results.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein.


You will be led through a proven method that will change your thought process; a programming language for your mind that drives behavior to find the solutions you need. 

Give yourself permission to open your gifts. Express the greatness that is buried inside you

Master Class is a proven method that works, just bring your willingness and the rest will amaze you.

Lets Do This!

Deliberate development for positive results. Don't let fear or bad habits stop you. 

What if everything you want is closer than you think? Make an investment in you. Clicking the tab below is the first step.


"Susan, I am so thrilled to be asked to share my experiences of having you as my guide/coach through Thinking Into Results (TIR). You have a gentle, solid, encouraging presence. I feel safe sharing with you even when there are areas of vulnerability and when I don't like what I see in myself. Your words make me sure that TIR works and so I can trust the process. That gives me strength to go boldly ahead. I know that you have been the exact right coach for me and I know that you are the exact right coach for so many more out there. Anyone who feels unsure of themselves, unsure of the impact they can have on their own life, anyone who feels beaten down and that they don't have the strength to care or to get are the right coach. You guide us to see exactly what we can do and that we ARE in control. Thank you. This journey is best together and I count myself blessed to be journeying with you!"

-Heather van Sickle-

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There are no coincidences, no accidents.

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Your investment in yourself starts really does!

Transformational change with Susan McDonald

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