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Are You Insane?


What EFFECT in your life is the CAUSE of how you spend your time? 

Have you ever thought about the Law of Cause and Effect, action/reaction? It works by law, the same as the Law of Gravity. We are human magnets, causing the results we get in life. Are your actions creating what you want or what you don’t want?

Many people believe that if they change their habits they will change their results. This often happens, temporarily, but then their habits cause people to sabotage their results and they go back to getting the usual results. Isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? 

Like when you are on a diet and all you can think about is chocolate cake or popcorn. You focus on the thing you don’t want so much that it takes over your mind and you end up eating the whole family-size bag of popcorn instead of remembering that you were trying to fit into that beautiful new dress for the wedding you plan to attend next weekend. That’s what I did. Argh!

There is a better way to influence your thoughts, regardless of your current circumstances, and that is through the higher side of your mind, your intellectual factors. Most people haven’t been taught to work with their intellectual factors. They simply react from their physical senses, by what they see, hear, smell, taste and touch. It is through learning about and properly applying our intellectual factors that allows us to change the unwanted results permanently. But how?

Are you taking effective action to create the life you want or are you looking at your current results and allowing your current results to cause your thinking? Are you setting yourself up for more of the same? 

When you desire a new result and get emotionally involved with your new idea, this sets up a new vibrational energy in your body. As the vibration changes, your actions and behaviour changes. Through a strong desire for different results, focusing our mind, learning how to change our thoughts, we mentally attract to us what is in harmony with the results that we really want in life. 

I seriously looked at the negative thoughts I was thinking and the bad feelings that I had going to work every day in a job that I no longer enjoyed. I love helping people and felt I was no longer giving my best. I realized that the thoughts I had were attracting to me more and more of what I didn’t want. This, of course, caused me to feel worse about myself, my career, the results I was getting. I invested in my own personal development. Learning how to create goals, to make decisions and start creating the life I love was key to understanding one of the laws that govern the universe.  

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