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Build a Life You Love

build a life

We are all in business for ourselves. What kind of life are you building?

Each day is like a building block that can be used to build success in life, just as in business. Do you have a blueprint for what your ideal life looks like? A plan for success? Build the picture of the life you would love and start to take action, one day at a time. Each day you have the opportunity for success. Each successful day builds upon the previous, and, just like a bricklayer lays down one brick at a time to build a great structure, you will find your days add up to a great life. 

Build a strong foundation for your life so the winds of change and opinions of others don’t knock you down. Your own value and self worth will grow by building your life on a solid foundation of sound principles including love, faith, integrity, truth and justice. Through cooperation, inclusion and generosity you will build others up. When you leave everyone with the impression of increase, even if it is simply a kind word and a smile, you will attract the same into your life. 

‘Mind your own business’ as far as thinking about how other people should live their lives, and always do your best in your thoughts, words and deeds. Live your life with purpose in your personal and work life. When you have a great idea, take action, don’t leave anything on the table. No regrets.

We all ‘sell’ ourselves; we can sell ourselves short if we don’t believe in ourselves and our own potential. Each person has the choice to build a life they love with purpose, or drift aimlessly, or race from crisis to crisis. We don’t always think that we have a choice, but, by not deciding, not planning, you are making a choice. Once you decide what you want your life to look like you can start to take steps to work for what you want. Be ready when opportunity knocks on your door.

Susan A. McDonald

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