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Choose Your Lens


Which lens are you using to look at life? Microscope, binoculars or kaleidoscope? 

Our thoughts create our life. Really. We were taught to look at life and think about it looking backwards. We can learn to change our perspective. To begin thinking new thoughts to rearrange life. Does that sound intriguing or impossible? 

Do you worry about what everyone else is doing and thinking? We can spend our time comparing ourselves to others, putting everything under a microscope. We feel good about ourselves when we think we are, or do, or have something better than other people. This ego-driven viewpoint causes so much depression and anxiety, since we tend to also compare ourselves to others who we deem better than us in some way. That starts us thinking on the downward spiral of not being worthy, not measuring up, not being good enough. Jealousy and resentment kick in and kick us down. You are enough.

I’m focused on looking at life through a new lens. The fragments of life are not set in stone. People who view life as being difficult make it so for themselves and others. Let’s take a lesson from nature; see that there is a constant flow, constant change. Everything is either growing or disintegrating. 

Kaleidoscopes use fragments that shift and move into different patterns; beautiful and unique, changing as you twist or shake it. The patterns are temporary. Patterns change as you twist the kaleidoscope to move the pieces by changing the angle, changing perspective. What if you could rearrange the pieces of your life into a new and beautiful reality? You may think that would be a dream. It can become reality with a new perspective and working toward creating what you want.

It is simple but it’s not easy. We can work toward a dream life instead of just working. Life can be beautiful when we look at it through a different lens, a better perspective. There are many clichés, including looking through “rose-colored glasses”. Have you ever noticed that people who look at life that way seem luckier, happier, live better lives?  

The dreamers of the world use their creative imagination to create wonderful ideas that move into forming beautiful results for themselves and others. Why not try it? What could you lose? Maybe the dreamers have the right idea after all. 

Life is fluid. When we understand that, we can think of new creative ideas and use our thoughts like a kaleidoscope. ‘When you change the way you look at something, that something changes’ is not a cliché. Try a new perspective for yourself. Shake up your viewpoint. Let your imagination grow and twist and rearrange the pieces of your life in different angles. See if beautiful new patterns start to develop into reality in your own life. 

Tempted to look out the window of my life with binoculars and compare my results to everyone else, I have learned to turn the binoculars around. To look in the mirror and challenge my own thoughts, ideas, perceptions. I am working on letting go of judging. Self-judgement and self-criticism hurt my soul. Introspection creates awareness. Increased awareness that thinking better thoughts creates a better life. What are you thinking? Which lens are you using to view life? Try a little turn on the kaleidoscope and see what happens.

Susan A. McDonald

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