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Cross-Fit for Your Mind

cross fit

How can you get out of your mental rut? Do you need a mind-altering work-out for mental muscle growth and personal development?

Think about the physical conditioning, practice and habits required to flip the tire. The tire can represent our mental conditioning, beliefs and bad habits. Strength and conditioning are required to flip your “mental tire”. When a person won’t change their mind, their body, their outlook on life, they deflate the tire. Reverse this by starting to think in a different way. It’s simple but it’s not easy. 

‘’That’s fine for other people, but I never could”. Changing the way you look at yourself and what is possible for you is the first step. Soon you will be flipping tires and competing in a way that was previously just for ‘other people, the lucky ones.’ 

We all have intellectual factors that we may have forgotten to use. Imagination, intuition, memory, will, reason and perception may be weak mental muscles. You may have strength and agility in one mental muscle and weakness in another. We can strengthen the areas that we are good at and build up areas we didn’t even know we had. 

Vivid imaginations, such as Walt Disney and Steve Jobs created a fabulous world. Were you told to stop dreaming, get serious, be realistic? We get entrenched in being realistic. 

I reached the point of ‘I can’t keep going this way, I have to get out of the cubicle and do something different’. Have you felt the nudge to get off the couch, out of your comfort zone? Start with walking then you’ll soon be climbing mountains.

Reality shows like ‘Biggest Loser’ feature overweight people who lose hundreds of pounds. ‘Average Joe’ transforms into ‘Hulk’. This never happens over night. It takes commitment, determination, desire and discipline. 

Personal development can be compared to physical development. What you put in you get out. What are you feeding your mind? We weaken our minds with negative news and violent shows. Negativity, judgement and hate weaken our minds, adding to worry, stress and anxiety. 

We don’t realize how much damage we cause because the changes are incremental. It takes a lot of work to get rid of that extra 10 or 100 pounds that crept up while we were not paying attention. 

Are you willing? Are you able? Commit to improve your mental muscles. Strengthen your mental muscles by changing your habitual routine of work, couch, bed. 

It is possible to train your brain to improve your life. There is no magic wand that can turn you into a model or body builder. There is no magic wand that can change your life over night. When you commit to studying and investing in you then the results look like magic.

Is it hard? If it wasn’t, everyone would have a beach-ready body. We can lose the ability to carry a bag of groceries. We can lose the ability to think and find good solutions. Not thinking affects all areas of your life. 

Strengthening your body helps you walk, play, shop and travel without fear of breaking a hip. Strengthening your mental muscles will improve results in all areas of your life. You don’t try, you do. 

Rip up the user manual in your mind and experiment with a new training schedule. There is no magic formula. Don’t get caught up in daily trivia. Take small steps, different actions, start a new daily regime. Repetition and new learning create new habits. 

Susan A. McDonald

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