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Don’t Be A Pumpkin In A Jug


Are you feeling trapped, like a pumpkin growing inside a jug? Want to break free? 

You might have heard an old story about a farmer who was out checking on his garden. He noticed a small pumpkin beginning to develop. It was early in the season and inclement weather was on the way. The farmer decided to place the little pumpkin inside a jug to protect the delicate little thing. He forgot about the pumpkin in the jug while he was busy all summer. When harvest time came, the farmer was collecting all his produce, including giant pumpkins. He came across the jug and discovered the pumpkin he placed inside had grown to the size and shape of the small jug; it could not grow to it’s full potential like the other giant pumpkins had. It was now bound by the jug that once protected it. 

We can all be stifled like that pumpkin. Have you felt that way? Trapped in a situation that you created or, maybe someone else put you in, but you feel you can’t escape? Sometimes life will break the jug for you; maybe a personal tragedy forces you into dealing with things that you didn’t believe you could handle. Perhaps an unexpected promotion at work demands you take on responsibilities beyond your comfort zone.

You can stay in your comfort zone. You may be content with where you are in life, and that’s great. You might be like that pumpkin in a jug. There will be some people who are not satisfied and are ready to break out of the jug; and get greater results than what they have. It’s always your choice. It takes a desire to change and a willingness and commitment to move on to something better. 

We are all a product of our environment; our self-image is run by paradigms. We are programmed to do the things we do. We don’t do things we know we should be doing. Why don’t we? We haven’t been able to get out of the box, to break out of the jug, change the habit patterns that are limiting us. 

Break out of the jug you are in, the prison of your mind, the restrictions that you and other people have placed upon you. If you think you can or you can’t you are right. We all have infinite potential, but sometimes we stay in the jug we have been placed in through avoiding risks or living according to our labels and other peoples’ opinions. Our own limiting beliefs hold us back, keep us down, keep us playing small instead of developing the greatness inside of us. Break out of the jug that is limiting your potential. You will never know how successful you can be if you don’t break your jug.  

Susan A McDonald

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