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Empower Your Retirement


You did it! Congratulations!! All the best wishes for a long, healthy, happy retirement! Now what?

What does that mean to you? You may have spent 8, 10, 12 hours a day or more working, getting ready for work, commuting, destressing from the daily grind. Now it’s over, done, what are you going to do with that extra time every day? No one telling you what to do. No more structure, no more routine, no more habits, no more purpose for getting up. What?! How are you going to spend all those extra hours? Wallowing in self-pity that your children, grandchildren and working friends don’t have time to spend with you? If your job/occupation defined you, now who are you?

Now that the retirement parties, cakes and celebrations are done, what are you going to do with your life?

None of us knows our expiry date; how much time we have to spend on this planet. You may have another 5, 10, 20 years left. Or, if you bought into the Freedom 55 message, what are you going to do with the second half of your life? What is your purpose? Your goal? Your reason for getting up in the morning? Do you have dreams? You may have great plans to travel, cruise, see the world.  Great! Once you’ve done that, or maybe your health or finances don’t allow for that, how will you spend your sunset years?

How about transforming your life? Get creative freedom – freedom to do what you’ve always wanted but were too afraid of what others would think; of the consequences of getting out of your comfort zone and trying something different; something you never thought you could do; something others told you was impossible or simply ‘not for you’. Life is meant to be lived abundantly! – for all. Yes, even for you. How do you start to even imagine that it could be possible? Block out the naysayers and your own inner critic. Get quiet; listen to your inner self; that small voice that has been shut up all those years; blocked and covered by doubt and fear. Imagine having no regrets. You can start your dream life at any age!

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