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Gratitude Perspective


Happiness doesn’t bring gratitude, it’s gratitude that gives us happiness.

Are you taking something or someone for granted? Are you grateful for all you have received? Good and bad? Look around at the abundance around you. Are you happy and grateful to be living in a country that allows free speech, provides clean water and reliable electricity, access to education, healthy food, and even health care when required? We should be grateful that we can practice our religion or express our faith without fear of persecution. 

We are always looking for the next best thing. Everyone is looking for better and more; that’s great. That’s inherent in all human beings. We all want more. It is so important to be grateful for what you already have.  A simple shift in the way we perceive our lives can start to create a shift in your attitude and what you see. It’s all in your perspective.

You cannot expect to get more unless and until you are grateful for the things you have already received. It is not enough to say thank you. You must feel gratitude; enjoy the gift. Feel the love.

Be grateful (not happy) for the difficulties and challenges you have in your life because these situations help you to grow and figure out what is not right for you. What you focus on grows, therefore when you focus on what you want, on the life you’d love, on your vision for a better life, that energy starts to attract the people, circumstances and winning opportunities to you to create what you desire instead of what you have.

I am grateful for my first marriage that failed. I have two beautiful children from that union and learned how not to treat a spouse. I am grateful for my second marriage and the two wonderful ‘step’ sons who would not be part of my life without the failure of that first marriage and the lessons my husband learned in his first marriage. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and love for my seven grandchildren.

Research shows that when you practice gratitude you change the chemistry in your brain. Do you have an attitude of gratitude?

One way is to write out 10 things you are grateful for every morning when you wake up. I am alive, I enjoy a hot cup of coffee, I have a beautiful house; not everyone has shelter. Not everyone has regular access to food and water.

You cannot give from an empty heart. You cannot pour from an empty cup. Take care of your mind, body and spirit. Taking care of yourself is not selfish, it is necessary. I am grateful for my life.

Susan A. McDonald

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