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Your happy ending is already written, and it’s out there waiting for you to go get it. No more effort is required to be happy and aim high in life than to accept misery. Depression and anxiety develop when we know we want a better life and we can do better but we give up or give in to negative thought patterns. 

We can rewire our brains, create new neural pathways and change our lives by changing our thought patterns; bringing more of the real you to the party. What do you aspire to be, to do or to give more of to the world? Our lives are meant to be lived in joy, harmony and abundance of life. When we focus on everything that is wrong, on what someone said or did to us, that keeps us stuck. Forgiving others for the wrongs committed against us and forgiving ourselves for mistakes we have made in the past is a good start to increasing happiness. Be gentle with yourself and laugh at your mistakes, learn lessons and move on. Quit saying you are stuck. Instead, ask yourself, ‘if I wasn’t stuck, what would I be doing?’

Human brains were wired to look for threats in our environment to keep us safe. In the caveman days we had to be on high alert for life and death situations such as a sabre-tooth tiger chasing us. Our brains consistently scan the environment for threats and if we continue to focus on everything that is bad, ugly or unfavourable we build up the image that our lives are surrounded by death, destruction, war and poverty; that if something can go wrong it will. We expect poor grades in school and get poor grades. We look around at the world we created and get down on ourselves for missing a deadline, staying up too late, procrastinating and missing out on opportunities. 

It takes a decision to choose to be happy. We keep hearing the same messages repeatedly about exercising, drinking more water, getting enough sleep because it works. Try taking a walk or calling a loved one, especially if you can recognize that you are starting to wallow in self-pity. Read an inspiring book instead of lying on the couch watching reality TV. Choose to replace a bad habit with a better habit.

In my blog on Imagination I mentioned that your subconscious mind is an inner guidance system and that it has no ability to reject ideas. It can only accept whatever the conscious mind turns over to it and it can’t differentiate between what’s real and what is imagined. We can pretend to be happy and use auto-suggestion to increase your level of happiness and you will start to realize that the world is not all doom and gloom. Use your mind to get what you want instead of what you don’t want. 

It starts with deciding to be happy. Choose happiness.  

Susan A. McDonald

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