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How do you use your imagination? For good or for evil? Do you worry about the worst thing that can happen….and then it does?! When we allow our minds to create problems, to worry about everything that can possibly go wrong in life we actually create more problems and worries. This is an indicator we are thinking negatively and creating more negative energy. I have learned that we can switch our thoughts to something happy, joyful and beautiful that creates a higher vibrational energy and causes much better results. You can learn to believe and choose to switch thoughts to a higher vibration.

We have been gifted with an imagination which we tend to forget about as adults. When children use their imaginations in school they frequently get into trouble for daydreaming, not paying attention, not listening, and not doing what they are instructed to do by parents, teachers and other adults. Soon we get discouraged and forget that we can use our imagination to create wonderful concepts, just like an architect imagines a building and draws it out in detail. That is the first step to having a structure built. 

You can create a beautiful life, by starting with imagining what your life would be like if there were no limits. We limit ourselves by the thoughts we think and using our own doubts and worries to confirm that we can’t instead of focusing on ‘what if we can?’ 

Imagine how great your life could be if you used imagined reality to create the life you love; whether it is your ideal partner, more wealth, great health and an abundance of blessings. We have been created with infinite potential. We just seem to forget that we are creative beings. 

Picture your conscious mind as being the top half of your head. Your conscious mind can accept or reject information that comes from the outside. It can also originate ideas.

Picture your subconscious mind as being “below” your conscious mind. The subconscious mind is really in every cell of your body. It is like a GPS, an inner guidance system. The subconscious mind has no ability to reject. It can only accept whatever the conscious mind turns over to it and it can’t differentiate between what’s real and what is imagined. Plant beautiful ideas with joyful emotion and watch them grow into reality. Use your imagination to get what you want instead of what you don’t want. 

Susan A. McDonald

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