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Integrating behavior with belief. What does that mean to you?



You say you want to lose weight. You say you want better health. You say you want to start a new business. Are you acting in accordance with what you say you want? We are rewarded by what we do, not by what we know.

Praxis is the integration of belief with behaviour. It is the mental-physical state a person is in, which causes them to get the results they are getting. Sound beliefs, in harmony with the laws of the universe, and integrated with behaviour, will create success. We need to acquire a deep understanding of the mind and how our behaviour matches our subconscious beliefs. 

Praxis is a mind-body discipline that anyone can learn. William James said, ‘Believe and your belief will actually create the fact’. If you don’t believe that you can do something you won’t do it; you will struggle with creating the results you want in your life. Believe and succeed by putting this information into action. All things are possible.

Belief based on understanding has the power to change our inner state and our outer world. A person will only go as far as they believe that they can. Belief, not hope or wish is needed to change. Beliefs can be changed if we take a look at our belief system, study, think, and learn to change the multitude of habits that we automatically express through our behaviour without any conscious thought. 

Our mind works by law just as the universe works by law. The thoughts that we accept and internalize cause the vibrational energy we are in, which then moves us to act in a certain way, and that attracts to us what we are in vibrational harmony with; action causes reaction. The level of energetic vibration we are in will attract negative thoughts and ideas or positive thoughts and ideas; whatever we emotionally feel and believe. We create our vibration; we can learn to act to create the results we want rather than accepting current circumstances as fact. 

We need an open mind for belief, faith, and courage to act on any idea that is new to us. Beliefs held in our conscious, logical, educated mind must be aligned with and impressed upon the deeply held subconscious belief system that controls our behaviour. Believe, take action and succeed.

Remember, in order to change a behavior, we need to believe we are capable of change and then act according to the new results we want. Praxis: Integrating behavior with belief. What changes would you like to make?

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