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Law of Vibration

law of vibration

Do you vibrate with anger? Joyful anticipation? Do you feel dead inside? Even dead bodies vibrate. 

Vibrational energy is a real thing. Have you heard about the Law of Attraction? It is really a secondary law to the Law of Vibration. You don’t really get what you want or what you expect; you get what you are in harmonious vibration with. What?! 

That might sound strange, however I’ve come to realize that it is the only thing that all the great scientific minds and all the great religious leaders agree on, that everything vibrates. Yes, everything. Every cell in your body, everything around you, including what appears to be solid mass, like walls and glass. Everything vibrates on a different level or frequency. Did you know that glass is made from sand? Different vibrational level, different degrees of energy, different result. 

That’s why you may have heard that if you change your thoughts you will change your results. If you want to see something different show up in your life you must start to think and act from a different level of thought frequency. The key is to become a vibrational energy match to what you really want.

Warning – this is going deep. 

There is an infinite number of frequencies. Unlimited. Everything is connected, like rungs on a ladder. Does that sound strange? We are all connected to God, to Universal Energy, to the Divine Source of all creation. We create our reality. We all have an internal guidance system that works like a GPS. We can plug into our inner spiritual guidance system through prayer, meditation, getting quiet and asking our inner being for help. 

Why am I here? What do I want in my life? Changing the frequency of your thoughts changes your feelings and eventually the things and relationships in your life. 

Cell phones each have a different frequency. Thought frequency works the same way. I’m not talking about mind control. If you want to call your mom or your best friend you input different cell phone numbers. If you want to feel better you input different thoughts. Sounds easy, right? Nope. 

If it was easy people might not be miserable, depressed, anxious and worried. Changing frequencies takes effort. It’s simple but it’s not easy. Start with noticing how you feel. Practice watching your thoughts and how you feel.

A simple shift, a new way of thinking about an old situation is often all it takes to wake up, to start to feel better. You can change in degrees. You can’t really jump from guilt/anger/depression to joy, but, you can start to move up the frequency ladder. 

Negative news sells; it fills your mind with negativity. Don’t fill your mind with negative news; you won’t miss anything. When something big or important happens in the world, you will find out. Watching, reading, listening to negative stories will not benefit anyone, not you, not me, not anyone. 

Change your environmental stimulus; listen to more upbeat music, physically switch the space you are in by changing rooms or buildings. Meditate, pray, exercise or go for a walk in nature. Talk to a loved one or a friend, take a shower or a bubble bath. Mentally switch your thoughts. It’s not easy but it gets easier. It will get better. 

Susan A. McDonald

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