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Mood Elevator

mood elevator

Why do we let people ‘press our buttons’? At times we allow others to have power over our mood; how we think, feel and act. When you take responsibility for your thoughts and feelings, you are less likely to hand over control or to let an automatic defensive position pop up.

Close your eyes and see yourself as you step inside a glass elevator and the door closes behind you. Your choice is to go up or down. Think about what mood you are in. Do you want to go up or down?

If you are already feeling anxiety, it may cause you frustration and anger and the elevator will take you in the direction of the momentum of the feelings you are experiencing in the moment. To the basement.

Imagine pressing the “B” button to head down to the basement. Pretend that the basement is where your negative thoughts are stored. You might get out of the elevator and wander around, kicking around and trying on the feelings that match your thoughts of envy, anger, grief, fear, guilt, shame and maybe even hatred. Ouch! This is not where you want to stay. Feel the feelings but don’t get stuck there.

Now, get back into the elevator and press the button for the top floor. Pretend your mood is improving as you look out the glass elevator, seeing more and more light, color and beauty as the car goes up, higher and higher. As the elevator passes each floor, feel as though you are moving up a mood elevator, going up from the depths of the basement to neutral, bored, accepting, curious, interested, optimistic, happy, loved, peaceful, joy! 

The higher you are able to go, the better you feel, the more you feel replenished, rejuvenated, alive! The trick is to see yourself on the mood elevator first thing in the morning and periodically throughout the day, having control over the ‘buttons’.

Identify how you are feeling and how you DO want to feel; how it feels to go up the glass elevator and reach for a better feeling, a better feeling thought. Have a little pity party, if you must, and then get back on the mood elevator and move up and up and up!

Remind yourself to uplift yourself and feel good more often. When you feel good, your energy attracts better. Nicer people and things that you like start to show up in your life.

Try to catch your thoughts and reach for a higher thought, a better feeling before you end up in the basement. When you do drop to the basement on occasion, you can become aware that you can press another button to lift yourself. Choose to get off on a higher floor. Manage the up and down ride.

Recognize when the momentum is against you and stop what you’re doing. Breathe, relax, meditate, dance, play, take a nap, do something to shake up the mood. Don’t let the momentum of negativity take you down. Life can get messy when we don’t work on ourselves.

We all run on familiar patterns; not necessarily good/bad or right/wrong. Not even accurate, just familiar. Pressing the same buttons, getting to the same place over and over may be familiar, but, giving up the familiar and choosing to reach for a higher level is your responsibility. 

Now you can choose to ride the mood elevator to the top. Find a way to soothe yourself, to love yourself, to be grateful for your life and everything that you are and have right now. Gratitude lifts your mood, lifts your vibrational energy, gives you clarity, appreciation, wellbeing, better results all around.

Susan A. McDonald

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