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New Year, New You

new year

Happy New Year! Happy New You! Hindsight really is 2020 at this time in history! Now we can focus on what to create in 2021. Do not look back. Look forward because you want to see where you are going. It will be scary at times because of the unknown but that’s what makes it exciting. Anything is possible. Okay, you have heard enough cliches already. Tell better stories and you will see better pictures.

Take time to reflect on the good things that happened in 2020; the difficulties you overcame or something new that you started or accomplished. Think back to the wonderful experiences you had in your lifetime. What was the best moment in your life? Relax for a moment and connect to that feeling.

Did you feel a little shift in your energy? That’s powerful inspiration, intuition and excitement stirring your soul. Stay connected to that feeling for the moment.

Now, what else would you love? Give yourself permission to dream a little. Write down what just came to mind before you start telling yourself all the reasons why it cannot happen. Use that note to remind yourself daily to think greater than what you usually do.

Anything is possible. You have to do something different to get something different. You can live an extraordinary life. Decide what you want and start to make it happen. Become the person you want to be in your mind and heart and watch things change in your physical reality. 

Turning dream goals into reality takes desire, will, self-discipline, staying connected to the feeling of already having accomplished what you want and mastery over your mind.

You are the architect of your life. Create the big picture, write down some plans, then start. The plans can change but don’t let the big, beautiful dream picture fade away. Start building your dream and see your goals move into form. 

What would you create for your life in 2021 knowing anything is possible?

Susan A. McDonald

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