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Purpose Vision and Goals

vision and goals

Do you have a definite purpose that guides your ambitions, vision and goals? What goals have you set for your life? Are they worthy of you? Get in alignment with what you want to achieve. 

Decide what you want; build the image in your mind of what your goal looks and feels like once you’ve reached your desired end; how will you know when you’ve reached it? You can’t measure a dream, you must set a goal. Instead of a goal that you think you can attain, if things fall into place, set a goal so big that it scares and excites you at the same time; something you are in love with.

Focus on what you want. If you are in love with a person you think about them all the time. Your purpose should make you feel like that; so excited to jump out of bed in the morning and get going.

Take consistent action toward your goal. As you move toward your goal the universal energy works to move it toward you. You won’t see this happening and it may take years, but just like water carves the seashore, it will one day look totally different, drop by drop. Step by step, like a winding staircase, each step gets us closer even when it seems like you’ll never reach the top. 

When Sir Edmund Hillary set out to climb Mount Everest everyone said it couldn’t be done; many died trying but Sir Edmund never gave up. He believed it could be done and he believed that he was the person who could do it. He tried and failed twice before he and his Sherpa guide finally made it to the top of the mountain after the third attempt. This took persistence, guts and great faith. It took planning, preparation and persistence. Sir Edmund had a vision, set a worthy goal and didn’t stop until he reached it. 

Like a mountain, you can only reach the top by climbing one step at a time. There may be falls and times where it seems impossible. Who will hold your feet to the fire?  Prove the naysayers wrong, don’t look back. Set the goal and get on with the work. Give energy to what you really want and set out to make it happen. Use a proven reliable system and have a coach/mentor to hold you accountable to what you say you really want. Take the step, no matter how small. Serve your purpose. Personal growth is the real reward. Go on a journey of personal growth and development.

We have been given a wonderful gift to think beautiful new thoughts, to create new ideas and form things never before seen. Just as the Wright brothers flew the first airplane for 14 seconds and now we regularly fly around the world, a new world starts with a vision, an idea. The vision needs a structured process and someone to hold you accountable to make it real. A coach or mentor will help you set up a system and framework for your goals, helping you form good habits needed to get you what you say you want. You can’t improve what you can’t measure. A proven, reliable system and tools will help turn your dream goal into reality.

Susan A. McDonald

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