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Reset To A New State

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Does your inner GPS need a reset? Our minds have developed to keep us safe from threats in our environment. This usually works extremely well, until we want to change. Our inner GPS puts us back to our programmed setting. Our comfort zone. Homeostasis. That’s why we get stuck. 

Resisting homeostasis is futile unless you are committed to working toward a goal. When you have a goal that you love, you will be capable of breaking through the invisible barrier holding you back. Our natural tendency is to pull back to safety, to comfort, to same old. New thoughts and actions are needed to keep you moving ahead, pushing through to a new level, which then becomes your new set position. 

Conscious awareness of vibration is called feeling. We think on a vibrational frequency, like a radio station, transmitting and receiving. The feeling you are in creates the actions you take, leading to predictable results. We can break free from a negative state by reversing it through positive actions.

The behaviour of most human beings is predictable. We are like cybernetic mechanisms, like GPS systems. We were programmed, like thermostats, by other people, using their belief systems, their programs. When you set the temperature of the thermostat in your home, it stays within a set range. It sends signals to the furnace or air conditioner to heat up or cool down the house to the pre-set temperature. We tend to revert to our own pre-set programs. We need to override the program if we want to change and grow.

Our lives are controlled by our DNA, our parents’ habits, our grandparents’ beliefs, environmental influences. It doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor, fat or thin, healthy and active or not. Your habitual way of doing things will pull you back to the set position no matter how much you want to change. 

Change only happens when, through repetition of a positive new habit, the old programming changes. Trying to change too much too fast can disrupt the internal balance. We need to repeatedly take purposeful, positive action steps that lead toward our goal. Repetition is needed until it becomes the new, positive habit. Your new normal state.

We need to override the default setting of our current negative self-talk feedback loop. You can program your subconscious mind to already see yourself in possession of the goal you want. 

All our problems begin in our own minds. When we are feeling bad, we are consciously aware that we are thinking negatively. We must choose to switch our thoughts to a higher vibration. A negative mind will never create a positive feeling or a positive result. 

Breaking free from what we don’t want and achieving new goals takes effort. We must first work to transition our patterns of behavior, those habits that we want to change. Breaking out of your comfort zone to try something new can be exciting and scary. You just need a new program, new habits, a new way of behaving, until the new program has been set. You will not fail, unless you give up.

Get out of your own way. Develop focused attention to new, better habits. Resist the homeostatic condition which is the impediment to your goal. What’s holding you back from living the life you love? What are you going to do about it?

Susan A. McDonald

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