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The Law of Gender / Gestation

gender gestation


Goals manifest when the time is right. Build the image and have faith that it is coming!

The Law of Gender is a Universal Law which states that everything has a gestation period. It governs masculine and feminine properties and creativity. We are all creative. We create our own life experiences whether we believe that or not. Whether we understand the law or not. 

The Law of Gender decrees that everything has a gestation period, an incubation period. There is a process of manifestation, starting from the moment it is originated to when it is manifested. Ideas have a gestation period from concept to form. The Infinite power works in exact ways with everything, everyone and every idea.

Human babies generally take 9 months to fully form. Carrot seeds, a few weeks. When you have a beautiful idea for your business, for your dream goal, know that some period of time must elapse before you see the fruits of your labour. What seeds are you planting in your subconscious mind? Are you using your creative imagination for planting beautiful ideas or destructive thoughts?

No one knows the gestation period for an idea. A fantastic idea comes into your mind. You think about what you want. The seed has been planted. You start to work toward it. You take actions that lead toward manifesting this great dream. You believe it’s going to happen!

Then someone of authority or someone you know and love tells you it can’t be done or it’s never been done before. They tell you you’re crazy. Don’t let their opinion kill your idea. You had the idea because you can attain it. The only consideration is if you want it and if you are willing to work for it. 

You start to worry and doubt whether you will see the results of all your hard work. Worry and doubt have the same effect as digging up the carrot seed the day after you plant it to see if a carrot has grown. Now that would be crazy!

Your dream is your baby. Let it grow into the beautiful form it is meant to take. Let the idea develop as you see it in your wonderful imagination. You are responsible for the results you get in life. You are the cause of your effects. That may sound harsh, but no one else is to blame. No one else can make it happen for you. You must believe in yourself and do what it takes to live the life you want, to reach the goals you set for yourself.  

Persistence, patience and faith are needed. Stay in the vibrational energy and live from the desired end. Raise your vibration and soon you will be celebrating the fact that you can share your dream. Everyone else will see your vision take form when the time is right. 

Nurture your idea. Feed the fertile garden of your mind with thoughts of “I can and I will!”

Susan A. McDonald

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