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An educated, accomplished insurance professional and instructor. Thinking Into Results facilitator and coach.

Susan brings a depth of knowledge and thorough understanding of the mind, spirit and body connection.

Susan believes transformational change occurs on purpose, with a willing commitment to change.

Delivering a proven method through a systematic process that shows you how to achieve the results you want in your personal and professional life.

The Dismantle to a New State

It is Possible!

Greatness does reside in you.

Unfold your infinite potential.

Together through a unique delivery style we will create your success in your personal and professional life.

Your life, your result. Letting go of old ways of thinking while the new state is being put into place.


The Paradigm Shift

&nbsp “If you can see it your mind, you will hold it in your hand” – Bob Proctor

From your current state to a new future state, our proven process will guide you and lead you to turn your dreams into reality.

Inner shifts in mindset begin with crafting your message to yourself for transformational readiness.

Your new life journey begins here.

Client Testimonials

“To Accept Success”

I am so grateful that I made the commitment to complete the ‘Thinking Into Results’ program facilitated by Susan. The knowledge I have received from this program has provided me with the peace of mind to accept success in all areas of my life. Thank-you!”.

Brenda Byers

  • Susan helped me identify my limiting beliefs and get on a path more aligned with my life goals. She is truly the transformation coach.
    Carolyn Schur
  • Susan, I am so thrilled to be asked to share my experiences of having you as my guide/coach through Thinking Into Results (TIR). You have a gentle, solid, encouraging presence. I feel safe sharing with you even when there are areas of vulnerability and when I don’t like what I see in myself. Your words make me sure that TIR works and so I can trust the process. That gives me strength to go boldly ahead. I know that you have been the exact right coach for me and I know that you are the exact right coach for so many more out there. Anyone who feels unsure of themselves, unsure of the impact they can have on their own life, anyone who feels beaten down and that they don’t have the strength to care or to get up…you are the right coach. You guide us to see exactly what we can do and that we ARE in control. Thank you. This journey is best together and I count myself blessed to be journeying with you!
  • Heather van Sickle